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Sleepycat Mattress Review

Short Overview

SleepyCat is an India based Mattress-in-the-box company working on factory-to-doorstep model. SleepyCat was launched at Amazon Launchpad where they sold more than thirty mattresses in one week. Post that, the company sold 2000 mattresses in 6 months In May 2018, the company reported a revenue of INR 3.5 Crore. Sleepy Cat was reported to sold 10,000+ Mattresses in July 2019.


material used in sleepycat are smart zipper cover , gel memory foam , high density foam , breezy inner cover , anti skid base.

The mattresses use high quality materials. There is no negatives about the materials used. To keep our body cool, Sleepycat uses Gel Foam.


The SleepyCat Plus scores between 6 and 7 on our Firm-O-Meter. Softer and cosier, this one is purrfect for those looking for a mattress that is not too firm.

Motion Transfer

Although there is a small amount of bounce on the surface of this pad, foams do a decent job of insulating movement at its source. What does this say to the sleepers? If your wife, dog, or baby gets agitated or moves in and out of bed, you probably won't feel it where you sleep.

Some features worth mentioning


SleepyCats unique Gel memory foam layer is designed to distribute your body weight evenly and keep you cool throughout the night.

Its orthopedic nature helps maintain your natural alignment and relieves pressure points that cause body aches, while the millions of gel beads help regulate your temperature to keep you cool.

Zero Partner Disturbance

The comfort top layer also allows you and your partner to sleep in peace! Even if your partner decides to toss and turn, there is no motion transfer and you remain undisturbed!

Other Considerations

Replacement Policy and Warranty

The Sleepycat mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The 10 year limited warranty begins at the date of purchase and is valid up to 10 years from the date of purchase.

Incase of a manufacturing defect covered by warranty within 1 year of purchase, the mattress/smart base will be repaired or replaced with a then current comparable model and size of mattress/smart base. Incase of any manufacturing defect after the first, either a repair or in case if a repair is not possible, a Prorated Credit Settlement will be applicable. Which means for every year you own it, you would receive less and less credit. It is also suggested that mattresses and bed bases be replaced every 8-10 years for hygiene purposes.

Trial Period

Once you have purchased your SleepyCat you have up to 30 days to request your return.

If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 nights of sleeping on your new SleepyCat mattress/ Smart Base, you may return it for any reason, and you are entitled for a full refund. Products must be in donatable condition to be eligible for return (e.g., On mattress – no stains, tears or other soiling including odors. On Smart Base – no dents, no scratches or damage to paint or bolts).

How Do Customers Rate the Sleepycat Mattress?


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