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The ten minute exercise before bed that improves the metabolism

Feel the after burn all night with a workout that keeps your metabolism fired while you sleep

No-Sweat Workout (5-Minute)

  • 20 pushups

  • 20 seconds of elbow plank

  • 20 seconds of right side plank

  • 20 seconds of left side plank

  • 20 squats

  • 20 alternating lunges

  • 20 jump squats or 20-second wall sit

( Repeat twice )

Yoga (5-Minute)

  • Reclining Bound Angle Pose

A Lie on pillows or a brace to protect the upper and middle legs. Rest on a folded blanket with the head.

B Press feet soles together and open the knees to both sides. Draw the shoulder blades gently backward and let the shoulders relax on the sides facing the palms. Hold 60 seconds.

  • Bridge Pose

A Bend the knees on the back and place both feet flat on the ground at a hip distance apart. Slide your arms out with the palms facing down alongside the body.

B Press the feet on the floor, lift the hips up, clasp the hands under the pelvis. Extend, lift chest up, and chin off chest, through the arms. Hold thirty to sixty seconds.

  • Knee to Shoulder

A Bend the right knee and bring it to the right shoulder while in a plank position with arms straight and back rounded.

B Open right leg to right side.

C Bring back the right arm of Downward Dog Split. On the other hand, repeat. Repeat 5 times.

  • Plank Pose

A From downward facing dog, shift to a plank pose.

B Bring elbows down and come to forearms.

C The hands of the flames. Tuck your feet and push back your heels. Longer through the abdomen. To create space between shoulder blades, press the forearms down on the floor. The chest is closed. Hold thirty to sixty seconds.


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