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Types Of Pillows & their uses

Contour Memory Dough

Contour Memory Dough pillow fits the outline of your body and moulds for a good night's rest. This pillow's contoured design allows a straight spine to alleviate back and neck pain. The dough is more supportive than memory foam and relieves pressure-point discomfort which helps you to sleep comfortably and easily.

Nano-Bead Pillows

The Nano-Bead Pillow's versatility is never ending. The Nano-Bead Pillow is filled with Microbeads, also known as the NanoBeadTM, for motion isolation and air cushioning. Pillow lining extends and morphs using multiple different fiber types such as rayon, bamboo velour, and spandex to treat your particular needs.

Super Plush body Pillows

For those who like to hug something and feel like they're floating on a cloud while they sleep at night. The Super Plush Body Pillows have superior breathability and comfort. This pillow helps to improve your comfort by giving you the quality of sleep you deserve.

Orthopedic Convolution

The Orthopedic ConvolutionTM is a pillow fit for a king, created for the use of multiple sleeping positions, so regardless of whether you are a belly sleeper, a back sleeper, a side sleeper or all three, this pillow will adapt to the needs of your body. For superior softness, a 300 thread count cover encloses the pillow and helps your neck and head to really relax.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows deliver latex flexibility with a conventional pillow's moldability. The Latex Pillow is a great way for you to comfortably rest your head at night while getting the right neck support you need. It reacts to all positions of sleep and goes back to the way it came from when you decide to change your place of sleep!

Memory Dough

For a variety of reasons, Memory Dough ® pillows are amazing, Memory Dough ® shapes the body and molds for maximum comfort. The shredded memory foam offers a night's sleep that is breathable, supportive and flexible to ensure that your neck and head are covered and cradled while keeping you cool and relaxed.

Gel Pillows

If you are a person with a sensitive skin or if you find yourself overheated at night, a gel pillow may be the right pillow for you. Gel pillows control the temperature of the body and are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Gel pillows can also reduce points of pain and tension. Although they may be a bit more expensive, they are certainly worth it!

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